#DevLearn 2011 Backchannel: Collected Resources

NOTE: This is an update to a post that originally appeared elsewhere on 11/1/2011.

This post collects the resources shared via the backchannel of the DevLearn Conference 2011, being held November 2-4 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Official DevLearn Conference Resources
Conference Website Home Page
Conference Program Guide – Schedule at a Glance
Conference Program Guide – Themes and Featured Speakers
Conference Program Guide – Keynotes
Conference Program Guide – Ignite Sessions
Conference Program Guide – Concurrent Sessions
Conference Program Guide – Certificate Programs
Conference Program Guide – Learning Stages
Conference Program Guide – Demofest
Conference Program Guide – Morning Buzz
Conference Program Guide – The DevLearn 2011 Expo
The DevLearn Mobile Conference App
The DevLearn 2011 Conference Backchannel
DevLearn Hashcaster Website
Conference Handouts and Resources (Added 11/8)
The DevLearn Facebook Fan Page (Added 11/14)

Pre-Conference Preparation Posts
Expanding the Value of the #DevLearn 2011 Backchannel by David Kelly
What Exactly IS a Backchannel? by David Kelly
Getting Ready for the #DevLearn Backchannel by David Kelly
Backchannel Tips: Explore the #DevLearn Program Guides by David Kelly
Backchannel Tips: Get to Know the #DevLearn Conference App by David Kelly
Making the Most of #DevLearn by Kelly Meeker
DevLearn Conference and Expo Las Vegas by Kasper Spiro
Heading to DevLearn by Jeff Goldman
DevLearn Bound by Aaron Silvers
Getting the Most Out of Attending a Conference by Jeff Tillett
A Few Resources to Make the Most of DevLearn by Judy Unrein
What Happens in Vegas, Doesn’t Stay in Vegas by David Glow

Conference Summaries and Recaps
DevLearn Conference Days -1 and 0 by Kasper Spiro
#DevLearn Storified by Paul Simbeck-Hampson
1st night at DevLearn rocked by Neil Lasher
DevLearn11 Tuesday Recap video by Bon Chowder
DevLearn Day 1 – Initial Musings by Sarah Bloomfield
DevLearn Conference Day 1 – A Hectic Day by Kasper Spiro
DevLearn11 Day 1 Recap video by Bon Chowder
Devlearn Conference Day 2 – Curation by Kasper Spiro
Insights from DevLearn 2011 by Paul Simbeck-Hampson
DevLearn 2011 Reflections and Takeaways by Jay Cross
DevLearn Day 3: The Final Day of a Great Week by Kasper Spiro (Added 11/6)
DevLearn Conference 2011: A Restrospctive by Kasper Spiro (Added 11/6)
Shh An Academic Went to DevLearn by Kay Lehmann (Added 11/6)
DevLearn Day 3 (Last Day) Highlights – Tools and Tips For Making Learning Social by Mel Aclaro (Added 11/7)
DevLearn 2011: Clicky Clicky Bling Bling and The Aria Hotel by Kelly Meeker(Added 11/8)
View from DevLearn 2011: Thoughts about social and on-demand learning by Jim Farrell (Added 11/8)
Authoring Tools- The DevLearn Experience by Craig Weiss (Added 11/8)
Social Learning and My ‘Best Of’ List From DevLearn11 by Mel Claro (Added 11/9)
DevLearn 2011 Inspiration by Kevin Thorn (Added 11/14)
Confessions of a First Time #DevLearn Attendee by Lisa Chamberlin (Added 11/14)
Surfing the backchannel: #DevLearn 2011 by Ann Shea (Added 11/14)
Because I Know You’re Jonesing for More About #DevLearn… by Judy Unrein(Added 11/14)
Reflections on DevLearn 2011 – A Review of a Monumental Learning Event by Shawn Rosler (Added 11/14)
Our Takeaways from DevLearn 2011 by Judy Unrein (Added 11/14)
DevLearn 2011 Review with Brent Schlenker eLearnChat Video Episode By Terrence Wing and Rick Zannotti (Added 11/14)
DevLearn 2011 Recap: Expanding the Possibilities for Learning by Bill Brandon(Added 11/14)
DevLearn by Reuben Tozman (Added 11/14)
DevLearn 2011: It’s a Wrap! by Brooke Schepker (Added 11/14)
DevKearn 2011 Thought Leader Interviews video series by Jeff Tillet (Added 11/21)
DevLearn 2011: Cloud Computing, Mobile Learning, Gaming by Jeff Tillet(Added 11/21)
DevLearn 2011 by e-learning centre (Added 11/21)
In the Eye of the DevLearn 2011 Storm | eLW Mag by Eric Matas (Added 11/21)
DevLearn follow up: Not only curation but also moderation and didactics by Kasper Spiro (Added 11/21)


Michio Kaku Keynote
Michio Kaku #devlearn Opening Keynote by Cammy Bean
#DevLearn – Physics of the Future by Michio Kaku (Keynote Notes) by Tracy Parish
Michio Kaku Keynote MindMap by Clark Quinn
DevLearn Keynote with Michio Kaku by Neil Lasher
2057 The City part 1 video shared during Michio Kaku’s keynote
Dr. Michio Kaku’s blog
Dr. Michio Kaku’s Facebook Page
Keynote – “Physics of the Future” – Dr. Michio Kaku by Shawn Rosler

Steve Rosenbaum Keynote
TEDx Events shared by Steve Rosenbaum
Magnify.net Steve Rosenbaum’s website
Steve Rosenbaum on The Huffington Post
DevLearn Day 2 – Curator? Or Superhero? By Neil Lasher
The Future of Learning is Context – Steve Rosenbaum by Tracy Parish
Thursday Keynote: The Future of Learning is Context (S Rosenbaum) by Shawn Rosler
Steve Rosenbaum – Curation Nation – DevLearn Keynote by Cammy Bean

Other Session-Specific Resources
Gaming in Las Vegas – DevLearn 2011 by Lieve Weymeis
#DevLearn – How to Create a Mobile Learning Strategy – Clark Quinn by Tracy Parish
Content Strategy Across Connected Devices slides by Brandon Carson and Michelle Lentz
Morning Buzz with Jane Bozarth by Neil Lasher
Morning Buzz with Charles Jennings by Cammy Bean
Serious Game Based Learning in Schools Slides by Hubert Egger
I’m going from Immobile to I’m Mobile Resources shared by Tom Kuhlmann
Kickoff – B Schenkler by Shawn Rosler
Session 103 – A Non-Graphic Designer’s Guide to Good-Looking Learning (M Harter) by Shawn Rosler
Non Graphic Designers DevLearn 2011 Session Links by Mark Harter
Evolving Your Face-toFace Training Skills for the Virtual Classroom handout by Karen Hyder
Resources for ELG Agile PM for ELearning Development by Don Bolen
Managing in a Networked World slides by Harold Jarche
Session 205 – Video Studio on a Budget – (E Matas / S Jain) by Shawn Rosler
The Evolution of Communication: Social Media Engagement @ EMC YouTube video shared by Michelle Lentz
Session 304 – Beyond Software Simulation: Using Captivate to Create Immersive Learning Experiences (Jan Gray) by Shawn Rosler
It’s the Network by Harold Jarche
How Experiential, Social, and On-Demand Learning Trends Impact Your Designsby Tracy Parish
AT&T 1993-1994 ‘You Will’ Ad Campaign Compilation – All 7 Ads video shared by Tom Koulopoulos
Agile Project Management for eLearning Developers (Don Bolen) by Cammy Bean
Rick Raymer: Applying Game Design Principles to elearning #devlearn by Cammy Bean
Koulopoulos Keynote Mindmap by Clark Quinn
Diigo Resource Listing shared by Jane Bozarth and Kevin Thorn
Project Management, Brainstorming, and Prototyping slides by Nick Floro
Materials for Copyright and Creative Commons session by Stevie Rocco and Michelle Lentz
If You Build It, Will They Blog? slides by Lisa Chamberlin
Understanding HTML5 DevLearn slides by Nick Floro
A Better Understanding of Learners Leads to Better eLearning Design (S Yacovelli) by Shawn Rosler
Knowledge in the 21st Century…You Should Know Better (J Cross) by Shawn Rosler
What Managers & Executives Need To Know About Social Learning (J Bozarth)by Shawn Rosler
Ethan Edwards: 5 Most Important Analysis Questions You’ll Ever Ask by Cammy Bean
Implementing SCORM in serious games – Kris Rockwell by Tracy Parish
Avoiding the Trap of Clicky-Clicky Bling-Bling slides from Cammy Bean
How to Create a Successful Mobile Learning Strategy (mLearning) by Mel Aclaro
Remember the User slides by Brian Dusablon
Digital Literacy Resources shared by Tracy Parish
Social Media for Learning: A Balancing Act slides by Alfredo Leone
The Difference A Year Makes by Meg Bertapelle
DevLearn: Notes from Session 703 by Kay Wood (Added 11/7)
Blending Collaboration and Training to Improve Performance slides by Kay Wood (Added 11/7)
Blending Collaboration and Training to Improve Performance handout by Kay Wood (Added 11/7)
DevLearn 2011 – Freelance Basics resources shared by Trina Rimmer (Added 11/7)
One Learning Challenge – Three Designers Put Their Skills to the Test by Terri Ann Guingab (Added 11/8)
Performance Boosters: Using Technology to Enhance How We Work and Learnby Terri Ann Guingab (Added 11/8)
A Non Graphic Designer’s Guide to Good Looking Learning by Terri Ann Guingab(Added 11/8)
DevLearn 11 Keynotes and the Future of Cheating by Terri Ann Guingab (Added 11/8)
Evolution of learning… Moving towards informal by Kay Lehmann (Added 11/8)
Tom Crawford: Design for Mobile The Ups and Downs of the Small Screen by Cammy Bean (Added 11/8)
Thriving as a One-Person eLearning Department slides by Lisa Goldstein(Added 11/9)
Deconstructing My #DemoFest Course – Part 1 by Jeff Goldman (Added 11/14)
Ignite: My New Big Idea for Learning slides by Dr. Steve Yacovelli (Added 11/14)
DevLearn 2011 – Notes from One ID Challenge and HTML5 Authoring Tool Review by Judy Unrein (Added 11/14)
DevLearn2011: Leveraging the Power of the Crowd in Yammer to Build a Culture of Learning by Nikke Moore (added 11/14)
DevLearn2011: Conference Sessions by Nikke Moore (Added 11/14)
DevLearn 2011: Pre-Conference Certificate (Ruth Clark) by Nikke Moore (Added 11/14)
Unleash Captivate with Advanced Actions Presentation by Lieve Weymis and Viswanath Shivaswamy (Added 11/21)
Beyond SCORM and Project Tin Can: Mike Rustici and Aaron E Silvers by e-learning centre (Added 11/21)
DevLearn Keynotes by e-learning centre (Added 11/21)
DevLearn: How the Cloud Impacts Your Job by e-learning centre (Added 11/21)
Scorm in the Cloud by e-learning centre (Added 11/21)
Collaborative Content Development in a Post-LMS World by e-learning centre(Added 11/21)
Crowd accelerated innovation: The reincarnation of Reusable Learning Objects, Michael Allen by e-learning centre (Added 11/21)
Technology Trends on the horizon, Aaron E Silvers of ADL by e-learning centre(Added 11/21)
The delegates and the demo-fest by e-learning centre (Added 11/21)
DevLearn Vendor Expo by e-leaning centre (Added 11/21)

4 Great Twitter Applications for Teachers using Twitter in the Classroom by K. Walsh
On the Red Couch: Brian Solis, Social Media Guru by InsideFlipBoard
Workplace Monsters and Talent Management Best Practices by Thomas Stone
EDUCATION: Today’s Mobile Devices are Tomorrow’s Textbooks by Michelle Klampe
The 2011 State of the Industry: Increased Commitment to Workplace Learningby Michael Green and Erin McGill
Ayogo Games Inc. Acquires Tandem Learning by Learning Solutions Magazine
The Who’s Who of DevLearn – Beginning Next Week by Nicole Fougere (NOTE: References DevLearn 2010)
Project Tin Can Prototypes
Things We Should Ask the ROI Question About Before Social Media by Scott Stratten
Kuler Free Color Palette Tool shared by Kevin Thorn
What’s Your Kid Getting from College? by William McGurn
Jeff Tillett Interviews from mLearnCon 2011 YouTube Playlist
Here’s Why Slide Count is Irrelevant in Your e-Learning Course by Tom Kuhlman
Don’t Be Complacent and Content by Clark Quinn
Quality is a Subtle Distinction by Brian Dusablon
Flickr Album of DevLearn Photos
Charles Jennings Slideshare Channel
HTML5ROCKS.com resource for learning about HTML5
Google+ Currently the Highest Ranked NEW tool on the Top 100 Tools List 2011
The Twitter Guide Book by Mashable
Getting Started Today with mLearning: Video Podcasting by Dave Mozealous
In Defense of the Term Gamification as Used by Learning Professionals by Karl Kapp
The eLearning Bible- Part II- eLearning by Design by William Horton by Jon Aleckson
Top 100 Tools for Learning 2011 by Jane Hart
The Scrum Guide
Developing Personas via usability.gov
Seven Top Authoring Tool by Joe Ganci
And the winner is… #devlearn by Neil Lasher
elearninguncovered.com website with free tools and checklists for IDs
Sage At the Side by Clark Quinn
I am an Individual with Needs Even If You Can’t See Me by Nic Laycock
How to Make Karaoke Animation in Microsoft PowerPoint 
Was Eric Schmidt Wrong About The Historical Scale of the Internet? by Klint Finley
Let’s Blame the Instant Messenger by Tom Glocer
The 10/20/30 Rule of PowerPoint by Guy Kawasaki
Nuts and Bolts: Required Reading by Jane Bozarth
Van Halen’s Brown M&M Clause by Andrew Teman
RSA Animate – Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us Dan Pink video referenced by Jay Cross
openattribute.com widget for creative commons citations
HTML5 Authoring Tools slides by Judy Unrein
Culture and Technology – Synergistic in creating valuable Communities of Practice by Ollie Gardener
An interview with Alicia Sanchez by Jane Bozarth
Gamification: Using Game Mechanics to Enhance eLearning by Rick Raymor
Abobe Captivate 5 System Variables
AppFusion: Deploying the Social Graph by Terrence Wing
Avoiding the Trap of Clicky-Clicky Bling-Bling (Part 1 of 2) by Cammy Bean
Make Your Designs Shine from the Inside – Clicky-Clicky Bling-Bling (Part 2 of 2) by Cammy Bean
HTML5 and CSS3 – great web sites and resources for keeping with latest information #mlearncon by Nick Floro
Powerpoint Wireframe Stencils as Free Download by Michael Gaigg
Apple’s Keynote is one of the best apps for wireframing + design sketches, get some templates now (also work in PPT) by Nick Floro
Delivering Video via HTML5 and Flash to reach all platforms with one video codec – how to make it work today by Nick Floro
Rebel with a Cause by Tom Burton
The Toolbar Podcast series by Judy Unrein and Brian Dusablon
The Undercast Podcast series by Aaron Silvers and Brian Dusablon
The Overcast Podcast series by Aaron Sivers and Brian Dusablon
Social Learning for Managers Resources shared by Jane Bozarth
Thoughtful Filtering by Harold Jarche
Handbrake video conversion tool shared by Tom Kuhlmann
MySyncPad linked whiteboard iPad app
The ADL Mobile Learning Handbook
Over-Engineered for Information Transfer, Under-Engineered for Learning by Clive Shepherd
Microsoft Digital Literacy shared by Tracy Parish
Ikeepsafe.org shared by Tracy Parish
Rustici Software’s SCORM Blog
The Learning Registry shared by Aaron Silvers
The Average Video Gamer is 37 by Matt Warman
It’s the Pedagogy, Stupid: Lessons from an iPad Lending Program By Heather Beattey Johnston & Carolyn J. Stoll
DevLearn 2011 – Las Vegas Flickr Album from Rus Powell (Added 11/6)
How Much Does Informal Learning Actually Cost? by Barbara @ Dashe&Thompson (Added 11/6)
Office 2010 Training Demofest-winning course by Jeff Goldman (Added 11/7)
Become an eLearning Action Hero by Cathy Moore (Added 11/7)
eLearnChat Video Channel on Vimeo featuring Terrence Wing and Rick Zanotti interviewing industry leaders (Added 11/8)
Behavior-centered Design at Google: A Case Study by Learning Solutions Magazine (Added 11/14)
Clayton Christensen: Why online education is ready for disruption, now. by Courtney Boyd Myers (Added 11/14)
Animated vs. Static Learning Agents – My M.Ed. Capstone Research by Judy Unrein (Added 11/14)
Brandon Carson DevLearn 2011 YouTube interview from Float Learning (Added 11/14)
Open University research explodes myth of ‘digital native’ by Gerald Haigh(Added 11/14)
AR Lungs Augmented Reality anit-smoking message by SapientNitro (Added 11/21)
How To Treat Conference Speakers Like Rock Stars – #SoMeT Style by Sarah Page (Added 11/21)
Reader Mail: Which Version of IE? by Judy Unrein (Added 11/21)
Apple to Train Managers on Union Awareness by Josh Lowensohn (Added 11/21)
Adobe’s Flash Announcement: A Tipping Point for Mobile Learning in 2012? by Thomas Stone (Added 11/21)
If Mobile Learning and Support are Wonderful, Why aren’t They Everywhere? by Allison Rossett (Added 11/21)
Are You a Born Genius? Being a Learner is Smarter. by Dr. David Rock (Added 11/21)
What Can We Learn From Stanford University’s Free Online Computer Science Courses? by Seb Schmoller (Added 11/21)

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