Learning Technologies 2012 Conference Backchannel: Collected Resources #LT12UK

I am a huge proponent of backchannel learning. There are many conferences I would love to be able to attend, but my budget can only accommodate one or two each year. The backchannel is an excellent resource for learning from a conference or event that you are unable to attend in-person.

I find collecting and reviewing backchannel resources to be a valuable learning experience for me, even when I am attending a conference in person. Sharing these collections on this blog has shown that others find value in the collections as well.

This post collects the resources shared via the backchannel of the Learning and Skills / Learning Technologies 2012 Conference, being held January 25-26 in London, England.

Official Learning Technologies 2012 Conference Resources
Conference Website Home Page
Conference Programme
Conference Programme – Speakers
Learning Technologies Presentations (video recordings) (Added 2/15/12)

Conference Summaries and Recaps
Six top tips on getting the most from your visit to Learning Technologies 2012 by David Evans
Reflections on Learning Technologies 2012 by Mark Berthelemy
Learning Tech / Skills/ Frontier / Cloud continues, more later; #LT12uk by Will789gb
Learning Technologies 2012: Day One overview #LT12UK by Martin Couzins
Balancing New and Shiny with Mature and Steady by Doc Havis
A review of Learning Technologies 2012 by Bob Little
Learning Technologies 2012: Day Two overview #LT12UK by Martin Couzins
Border Crossings by Steve Wheeler
Reflections on Learning Technologies/Learning and Skills event by Dave Brown
eLN at Learning Technologies 2012 video posted by eLN (Added 1/30/12)
Reflections on Learning Technologies 2012 by James McLuckie (Added 1/30/12)
Learning Technologies 2012 Exit Poll: Was your business in the bag last week? report by Now (Added 1/30/12)
Learning Technologies 2012 by Kate Graham (Added 1/30/12)
Tweet analysis for Learning technologies 2012 by Martin Couzins (Added 2/6/12)
The 7 highly ineffective habits of exhibitors by Robin Hoyle (Added 2/6/12)
Speed Dating at the 2012 Learning Technologies by Hans de Zwart (Added 2/6/12)
Three themes at Learning Technologies 2012 by Stephanie Dedhar (Added 2/6/12)
Elearning, mobile, informal: the technology agenda for L&D by Martin Couzins (Added 2/6/12)
Learning Technologies, the value of feedback and a thank you by Donald Taylor (Added 2/6/12)
Learning Technologies 2012 by elearning centre (Added 2/15/12)
Mobile gets scary by John Helmer (Added 2/15/12)
Not so dusty by Bob Little (Added 2/15/12)
Everyone Is Talking Mobile Learning. Brilliant! by Amit Garg (Added 2/15/12)

Session Specific Resources
#lt12uk conference presentation: Engaging the unwilling learner by Mark Berthelemy and Gareth Williams
Battle of the People Functions: Learning Vs. HR – The Gloves Come Off! (then back on again) by Jon Ingham
Mix: Ray Kurzweil: The Singularity by HappyHenry
Realising the Potential of Mobile Learning by Alex Mackman
Engaging The Unwilling Learner – Live Blog from #LT12UK by Craig Taylor
Heads in the Cloud – how are content strategies evolving in the workplace? by Britewave
Going Mobile in the Public & Private sector – Live Blog from #LT12UK by Craig Taylor
Digital Learning Futures by Steve Wheeler (Added 1/30/12)
Agility and technical innovation in e-learning by Colin Welch (Added 2/15/12)
Best practice for live online learning slides from Laura Overton and David Havis (Added 2/15/12)
The Fall and Rise of the Corporate Academy slides by David Wilson (Added 2/15/12)

Desperately Seeking… by Craig Taylor
Tweeting, meeting and eXchanging at Learning Technologies 2012 by Kate Graham
Learn to connect the dots by Tom Burton
Learning Technologies Towards Maturity as in agility and change #LT12uk by Will Pollard
Contemporary E-Learning: Delivering Knowledge Or Dishing Out Information by Abhijit Kadle
Instructional Design for Beginners – What Motivates People To Learn? by Aneesh Bhat
How e-learning can help charities provide staff training on a budget by Martin Baker
Heading Towards Cloud Learning and Ambient Intelligent HRD by Challenge Training
REDTRAY Fast50: Training on the job will be main delivery method in 2012 say today’s #lt12uk visitors by nnetta
Mobile Learning: A Quick SWOT Analysis by Amit Gautam
Shoeless Learning Spaces by Stephen Heppell
Audio and the E-Learning Industry : Part 1 by Lindsay Abbott
The Fall and Rise of Corporate Academies: Elearnity Viewpoint by eLearnity
It’s a Giant Kinect-Powered Theme Park by Brian Ashcroft
How to Become a More Effective Learner by Kendra Cherry
Hacking Siri for Learning by Abhijit Kadle
Google’s Android Training Initiative – Will it boost mLearning? by Aneesh Bhat
The Advent of Mobile Learning Technology Slideshare by Upside Learning
REDTRAY Fast50: HR systems awarded wooden spoon by today’s #lt12uk visitors by nnetta
REDTRAY Fast50: #lt12uk visitors give definite maybe to iPads and tablets by nnetta
Professional development investments are priority one for today’s #lt12uk visitors by nnetta
A Day Made of Glass… YouTube Video by Corning
Measuring And Evaluating Learning – The Top Skill For L&D Teams by Amit Garg
Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology YouTube Video from TED
3 Essential Themes for Mobile Learning Systems by Abhijit Kadle
Insights slides by The Internet Time Alliance
New Infographic highlights European Learning Technology landscape by Towards Maturity
Who’s Who in Social HR Technology by Elizabeth Lupfer
M-learning – be careful – a 7 point primer by Donald Clark
Heads you win, tails you lose by Harold Jarche
The difference between UK learning exhibitions and US learning conferences. A view from both sides of the fence by Neil Lasher
Cross-platform Mobile App Development Free Report shared by Geoff Stead
Positive deviance and the IPD by Steve Wheeler (Added 1/30/12)
Knowledge Management + eLearning + Web 2.0 = Learning by Andy Wooler (Added 1/30/12)
Heads in the Cloud by Rose Luckin (Added 2/6/12)
Let’s use learning technologies as a business strategy by Charles Gould (Added 2/6/12)
As Bananarama said… (Part 1) by Craig Taylor (Added 2/6/12)
Taking control of workplace learning – supported by technology by Shobhit Bajaj (Added 2/15/12)
The training industry and an ever changing technological landscape by Nathaniel Ford (Added 2/15/12)

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I will be adding to this list as I continue to review the backchannel transcripts and find resources. I will tweet updates occasionally as additional links are added. If you know of a valued resource I should add to the list – or if something is inaccurate – please add it to the comments or tweet me a link to @LnDDave.

If you find these collections of value, I have posts that consolidate the backchannel resources from other conferences. An archive of all of these posts can be accessed by clicking the link below:
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