New Website, New Features, Same Focus

Welcome to my new website. This site is being set up with the intent of extending the outreach that started a little over a year ago with the launch of my blog, Misadventures in Learning. The blog will still exist as part of this site, and I invite those that followed my blog at continue to do so on this new site.

From a technical standpoint, the site moves from Blogger to WordPress. We’ve moved all of my existing posts from the old website have been imported to the new site, so you once you bookmark this new site, there will be less reasons to go back to the old site. The change goes beyond the service running the site though.

I’ve gotten a lot of feedback on what people like about my blog, and the work that I do in general. It’s my hope that this site better shares that value, so that people who visit can better understand what I can contribute to our community, and can easily find the value they might be seeking from visiting this site.

One of the primary reasons people visited my blog is to review the backchannel resource listings I curate from conferences. While those posts will continue to be part of my blog, there is now a dedicated page for those resource listings.

I am also dedicating a page to collect and share writing that I do outside of the blog for magazines and websites, as well as updates for conferences and events I may be speaking at.

Personal branding is important to me, and I am hoping that this site will better represent what my ‘brand’ is. This site, like all things, will evolve over time. Thanks for taking a moment to join me on part of the journey.

If you have any feedback on the site, please feel free to share it via the comments or by reaching out to me via one of the options on the Contact Me page.

Lastly, you may have noticed that earlier in this post I said “WE moved all the posts over…”. While this is my personal website, I could not have built it without help. I was lucky enough to have a partner whose vast knowledge of websites and WordPress made this website possible: Brian Dusablon of Duce Enterprises.

This site would not exist without the partnership Brian provided. His technical expertise helped make the move painless, and his ability to consult and ask the right questions helped me along the creative journey. It’s been a blast working with him on this site and it’s great to have personal experiences that mirror all the stories I have heard of Brian’s work.

Duce Enterprises specializes in Web Services, Training & Human Resources, and Learning Technologies. If you have need for any of those, I highly recommend that you visit the site and contact Brian.

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