#LearningStyles ‘Awareness Day’ – March 1st, 2012

Learning Styles.

The very utterance of those two words is often enough to set off a debate among learning professionals.  Many will attack it fully as a myth and something that needs to be removed from the vocabulary of those in the field.  Others see merit in the concept and enjoy applying it in their work.  So which side is correct?

I’m not going there today.  I plan on sharing my thoughts on the subject on March 1st, 2012… and I’d like to invite you to join me.

I titled this post Learning Styles ‘Awareness’ Day because I believe we too often discuss learning styles from a standpoint of ignorance. Many people feel ignorance is a derogatory word, but it’s simply defined as a lack of knowledge or information.  That’s not uncommon, especially in isolated organizations that operate in a vacuum of doing what we do because it’s what we’ve always done.

Many professionals have shared their thoughts on Learning Styles over the years.  The idea behind an ‘Awareness Day’ is to have numerous voices discussing the same topic at the same time, and hopefully, creating greater awareness through the shared voice.  The goal is to break through some of the ignorance, so that each individual can make a better, well-informed decision on the topic.

Here’s some ways that you can participate in Learning Styles Awareness Day:

  • Spread the word about Learning Styles Awareness Day; the greater exposure the event has, the more awareness can be shared about learning styles.
  • Blog your thoughts about Learning Styles and share it with the community.
  • If you’ve written or have read something valuable about learning styles in the past, share that as well.
  • Share links to research or case studies related to learning styles.
  • Join the conversation about learning styles on Twitter, using the hashtag #LearningStyles.

I anticipate most of the conversation and sharing taking place on Twitter, but if you are not a Twitter user, feel free to share your thoughts in comments to this blog post or by posting to my facebook page.  I  plan to curate the discussions that take place and the resources that are shared in order to build a resource page that can be referenced in the future.

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