#GoogleGlass: The Experience, Reaction, and Possibilities – Resources Shared at #LT14UK

CaptureAt the 2014 Learning Technologies Conference and Exposition, I led a discussion titled Google Glass: The Experience, The Reaction, and the Possibilities. Here’s a description of the session:

The internet and smart mobile devices have fundamentally changed how we look at learning and performance programmes. And now another technological advance is coming; one that will once again change some of our definitions and how we address performance issues: wearable technology. This technology will come in various forms, but the one that is blazing the path is Google Glass.

David Kelly is one of the Glass Explorers (individuals exploring Glass before its public release) and has been investigating the different ways that Glass can be used for learning and performance improvement. Join David for a journey of discovery, and explore how the next wave of technological advances will impact the learning and performance field.

In this session we’ll explore:

  • What is Google Glass?
  • What is the Glass experience like for the user?
  • How do people react to Glass?
  • What doors does Glass open for learning and performance?
  • How are people already using Glass for learning today?

This blog post is being set up a follow-up resource for those that attended the session. It may also serve as a resource for anyone that wants to learn more about curation and learning.

Specific Session Resources

Google Glass Apps
Google Glass in Education Google+ Group
A First Look at How Educators Are Really Using Google Glass by Stephen Noonoo
Training Through the Google Glass by Jessica Knox
Marc My Words: Google Glass as Wearable Performance Support by Marc Rosenberg

My Google Glass-Themed Writing
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#GoogleGlass at #DisneyWorld – An Example of Contextual Awareness

Google Glass for Learning, Performance, and Education
Google Glass App for Firefighters Could Save Lives by Kurt Wagner
Glass Just Got Way More Interesting by Frederic Lardinois
Google Glass: The new surgical assistant? by CBS News
30 Ways Google Glass Can Be Used In Education
via Digital Information World
Doctor Wearing Google Glass Live Streams Surgery by Vignesh Ramachandran
OK, Glass: I Can’t Walk, So Help Me Explore by Adam Popescu
How Google Glass Is Changing Medical Education by John Nosta
Google Glass – dream learning tool or privacy nightmare? by Imogen Casebourne
Solar takes Google Glass to new heights by Morgan Lee

Additional Resources
Google Glass Release Date: Will The Wearable Tech Go Mainstream In 2014? Experts Weigh In On The Device’s Future By Melanie Ehrenkranz
Whoa, Google Glass Just Got Way Better Looking (Plus Prescriptions) by Brent Rose
Google Wants To Build The Ultimate Personal Assistant by by Frederic Lardinois
You don’t want your privacy: Disney and the meat space data race by John Foreman
What Do You Think: Is Google Glass Doomed? by Robert Sookanich