Meet Rudolph, The Connected Trainer

rudolph-costume-adults-540x1024A few years ago I posted a new take on a holiday classic with “Twas the Night Before Social Media“. I felt inspired once again, so here’s a little more lighthearted holiday fun. The music bar below will stream an instrumental that matches the lyrics.


Rudolph the Classroom Trainer

There are trainers that share with you thoughts of a vision,
Leading their classroom with pinpoint precision
But do you recall
The most famous trainer of all?

Rudolph the classroom trainer
He’s the one everyone knows
He’d build a new training class
Every time a need arose
All of the business leaders
Questioned all the trainings’ aims
Every time they saw Rudolph
Playing silly trainer games

Then one day he was online,
And saw someone say,
If you raise your line of sight
You’ll seen training in new light

Then Rudolph’s light bulb went off,
As he shouted out with glee,
“There are new options out there
That I cannot wait to see!”

Rudolph started to engage
with some other training pros
Finding new ways to do things
Adding to what he now knows
“Learning is more than training”
He heard lots of them proclaim
“You have so many options
Life will never be the same!”

Rudolph learns many new things,
Through his new found peers,
They’re the spark that did ignite
His future that’s now so bright,

Now his skill set is growing
Of that he can guarantee
Because he’s now connected,
To a great community.

Happy Holidays Everyone!