The 2015 Learning Technologies Conference Backchannel: Curated Resources #LT15UK


This post curates resources shared via the backchannel of the 2015 Learning Technologies Conference and Exhibition, being held January 28 – 29 in London.

I am a huge proponent of backchannel learning. There are many conferences I would love to be able to attend, but most people can only accommodate one or two each year. The backchannel is an excellent resource for learning from a conference or event, even if you are unable to attend in-person.

I find curating and reviewing backchannel resources to be a valuable learning experience for me, even when I am attending a conference in person. Sharing these collections on this blog has shown that others find value in the collections as well.

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Official 2015 Learning Technologies Resources
Conference Website

Pre-Conference Posts
Learning Technologies 2015 Backchannel #LT15UK by Kate Graham
Our Definitive Guide to Learning Technologies 2015 by Levi Phillips
Insiders Guide To Learning Technologies 2015 by Steve Rayson
10 Questions That Will Change What You Think of Learning Technologies 2015 by Stuart Chadwick
A guide to Learning Technologies 2015 by Sponge UK
Hopes for #LT15uk by Nick Lee
WillowDNA Quick Guide to Learning Technologies 2015 YouTube video by Lisa Minogue-White
Google Hangouts at LT15UK by Alex Watson

Conference Summaries and Recaps
Learning Technologies 2015 via Eventifier
Learning Technologies 2015 Storify by Cornerstone
Flickr photo album by Craig Taylor
Learning Technologies 2015 wrap-up by John Helmer
L&D, #LT15UK and Superquick Thoughts by David D’Souza
Keep the Learning Offering Simple by Julie Drybrough
Reflections from Learning Technology conference 2015: Day 1 by Julian Stodd
Another year over at Learning Technologies #LT15UK by Kate Graham
LTUK15 vodcast by Lisa Minogue-White
Learning Technologies Snapchat adventure: Day 1 YouTube video by Gemma Critchley
What did you learn at Learning Technologies 2015? by Sponge UK
Reflections from Learning Technology conference 2015: Day 2 by Julian Stodd
Learning Technologies 2015 Storify by Cornerstone On Demand

Professor Sugata Mitra Keynote
School in the Cloud – Sugata Mitra via TED
The Child-Driven Education via TED
Hole in the Wall
Barefoot in the Head (blog)
Beyond the Hole in the Wall: Discover the Power of Self-Organized Learning (Kindle Single) (TED Books)
Newcastle University professor Sugata Mitra has re-designed the future of learning by Ruth Lognonne
Newcastle University Professor Sugata Mitra opens final ‘school in the cloud’ by Ruth Lognonne
Sugata Mitra: Educational systems need to catch up by Kathryn Nave
The future of learning according to Sugata Mitra #lt15uk by Martin Couzins
Liveblog from London: Sugata Mitra how the cloud is revolutionizing learning by Joitske Hulsebosch
Standing on the shoulders of giants by Steve Wheeler
Sugata Mitra – Charlatan or genius? by Steve Wheeler

Professor Robert Winston Keynote
Liveblog #LT15UK: Expanding your mind by Sibrenne Wagenaar
How We Learn – Synapses and Neural Pathways YouTube video
Prof. Robert Winston talks about both the positive and negative aspects of innovation YouTube video via The Guardian
Professor Robert Winston: Bad Ideas? @ The Science Gallery YouTube video via Science Gallery Dublin

Session Specific Resources
Why Wearable Technology Will Change Learning Forever – Resources Shared at #LT15UK by David Kelly
The future of learning is the future of work Google Hangout with Martin Couzins and Donald H Taylor
The challenge of effective workplace learning Hangout on Air with Nigel Paine and Kate Graham
Liveblogging from London: Leveraging games for business impact by Joitske Hulsebosch
Learning Technologies 15 – MOOCs Diigo Resource List from Sam Burrough
Putting 70:20:10 to work Google Hangout with Charles Jennings and Nigel Paine
Liveblog #LT15UK: The value of MOOCs by Sibrenne Wagenaar
Liveblog #LT15UK: The evolutionary power of joined up communication by Sibrenne Wagenaar
Liveblogging from London: Mobile learning in Qualcomm by Joitske Hulsebosch
Liveblog #LT15UK: Why wearable technology will change learning forever by Sibrenne Wagenaar
Liveblog: sharing (in-company) knowledge by Sibrenne Wagenaar
What makes great instructional design? Google Hangout with Patti Shank, Cathy Moore, and Rob Hubbard
Liveblogging from London: Putting learning data to work for you by Joitske Hulsebosch
Liveblog from #LT15uk: Does instructional design have a future? by Sibrenne Wagenaar
Liveblog from London: Video techniques for learning through storytelling by Joitske Hulsebosch
Liveblog from London: creating high-impact blended learning by Joitske Hulsebosch
Liveblog from #LT15UK: Learning, Technology and the future… by Sibrenne Wagenaar
The Power of Joined up Communication Storify by Julie Drybrough
Running learning programmes successfully internationally Google Hangout
Video in learning Google Hangout
LearnTec Keynote: Slides and References by Jane Hart
Why total learning? slides by Meg Green

L&D’s New Hatrack by Sahana Chattopadhyay
10 Reasons to Build an Ecosystem-Focused Learning and Performance Strategy by David Kelly
6 Tips For New LMS Administrators by Tom Ireland
LMS Predictions 2015: Mother of All Crystal Ball Picks By Gordon Johnson
Learning moves into the business by Tarik Taman
The man with 26 million students by Joe Miller
The Football Association: A Large-Scale LMS Implementation Success Story By Lewis John
Content, curation and connection: The changing role of the learning designer by Caroline Freeman
What Makes a Great Conference? by David D’Souza
What’s the Secret of Great eLearning? by Guy McEvoy
Training, e-learning and learning salary and work survey by Blue Eskimo
Virtual Thinking: Reality or Insanity by Colin Welch
Deep learning by Steve Wheeler
Missed Connections… #LT15UK by David Kelly
Hearables – the new Wearables by Nick Hunn
21 Inspiring Quotes & Thoughts On Mobile Learning by Amit Garg
What We Can Learn From Moral Choice VS Consequences in Games by gamingintraining
GlobalSynQ reduces the pain of international meetings by Geoff Stead
eLearning Can Help Solve Global Health Challenges by Brent Schlenker
Can Digital Work in Community Learning? by Laurence Piercy
70:20:10 YouTube video by Charles Jennings & Fuse
Course to Campaign by Craig Taylor
eLearning In A Multi-Device World by Amit Garg
Development Mindsets and 70:20:10 by Charles Jennings
Harnessing 21st Century Competencies by Lynda Donovan
Denied: outdated models of authority and control in the Social Age by Julian Stodd
Video on Learning Objectives by Will Thalheimer
Curiosity: Why there is more to a great cup of tea than meets the eye by Julian Stodd
The 5 elements of Working Out Loud by John Stepper
Spacing Learning Over Time by Will Thalheimer
‘Embedded learning’ increases employee engagement by Rebecca Gowler
Nicky Morgan announces ‘war on illiteracy and innumeracy’ by BBC News
Mindfulness at Work Google Hangout with David Gelles and Donald H Taylor
Trends in Organisational Learning A Google Hangout with Elliot Masie and Donald H Taylor
Choices and Decisions in E-Learning – What We Can Learn From The Walking Dead (Video Game) Series by gamingintraining

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I will be adding to this list as I continue to review the backchannel transcripts and find resources. I will tweet updates occasionally as additional links are added. If you know of a valued resource I should add to the list – or if something is inaccurate – please add it to the comments or tweet me a link to @LnDDave.

If you find these collections of value, I have posts that consolidate the backchannel resources from other conferences. An archive of all of these posts can be accessed by clicking the link below:

Click here to access the archive of backchannel resource posts.

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