Starting Small: Adding Performance Support to the Mix – Resources Shared at #LSCon

2015-03-29_16-50-11On March 27th, I had the pleasure of speaking at the 2015 Learning and Performance Ecosystem Conference. I led a discussion titled Starting Small: Adding Performance Support to the Mix. Here’s a description of the session:

The world of the learning and performance professional is changing. The business world is moving ever faster, and no longer has the ability to wait weeks for training to be developed every time a learning and performance need arises. Organizations are increasingly placing value on performance support programs that give workers access to exactly what they need, where they need it, at the moment they need it. But performance support can be a daunting shift for learning professionals, often leaving them lost with no idea how to get started.

In this session participants will explore how organizations can start with small pilot programs to begin adding performance support to their organizational learning strategy. You will discuss examples of performance support being implemented in small ways, and hear how those small starts had large impacts. You will explore the mindset that learning professionals need to develop to truly shift towards performance support. You will leave this session better understanding the need for more focus on performance support, and how you can get started.

This blog post is being set up primarily as a follow-up resource for those that attended the session, and it may also serve as a resource for anyone that wants to learn more about the technology trends that are shaping the future of learning.

Session Slides

Additional Resources

Marc My Words: Five Reasons to Use Performance Support by Marc Rosenberg
Big Data and Performance Support by Conrad Gottfredson
The Many Benefits of Mobile Performance Support by Mason Martin
The Resurgence of Performance Support: Allison Rossett by Bill Brandon
A Match Made in Heaven: Performance Support and Mobile by James Rasmussen
Performance Support Should Be “” Smart by Conrad Gottfredson
At the Moment of Need: The Case for Performance Support White Paper by Marc Rosenberg
Performance Support Maturity (PSM): A Performance Support Rebirth by Frank Nguyen
The Impact and Role of Performance Support: Conrad Gottfredson by Bill Brandon
16 Performance Support Tips, Strategies, and Tactics by Jennifer Neibert
Marc My Words: Selling Performance Support by Marc Rosenberg
Ode to Mobile Performance Support by Allison Rossett
Ten Seconds: Performance Support in Two Clicks by Conrad Gottfredson & Bob Mosher
Selling Performance Support: Building Stakeholder Buy-in White Paper by Marc Rosenberg
From Scattered Information to Transformational Performance Support: Where Are You? by Conrad Gottfredson

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