The 2015 ATD International Conference Backchannel: Curated Resources #ATD2015

atd-2015-conventionThis post curates resources shared via the backchannel of the 2015 ATD International Conference and Exposition being held May 17 – 20 in Orlando.

I am a huge proponent of backchannel learning. There are many conferences I would love to be able to attend, but most people can only accommodate one or two each year. The backchannel is an excellent resource for learning from a conference or event, even if you are unable to attend in-person.

I find curating and reviewing backchannel resources to be a valuable learning experience for me, even when I am attending a conference in person. Sharing these collections on this blog has shown that others find value in the collections as well.

ATD_lockup_h_lg_rgb-300x95Official 2015 ATD ICE Resources
Conference Website
Session Materials, Session Recordings, and Conference App
ATD 2015 Infographic
ATD 2015 Video
Session Search
Pre-Conference Learning
Schedule at a Glance
Look Book
Learn Book

Pre-Conference Posts
My #ATD2015 Conference Schedule by JD Dillon
Surfing the Conference BackChannel #RFNstyle at ATD ICE 2015 YouTube video from RedFeatherNetworking
Tools and apps to optimize your conference experience by Melissa Milloway
8 OTHER things to do while in Orlando by JD Dillon
Connect with Me at #ATD2015 by David Kelly
The 10 most important questions for ATD2015 by Dan Steer
Atd2015 blog # 1: Preparation by Titia van der Ploeg

Conference Reflections and Recaps
Day 1 of the ATD ICE 2015 by Dan Steer
About the power to inspire by Kim Van Houtven
Day 2 at ATD2015 by Dan Steer
#ATD2015 It’s a Wrap Part One: Sue Prenderville
ATD Conference Reinforces Need for L&D Professionals to Demonstrate Business Value by Richele Black
Now What? 6 After Conference Tips by Shannon Tipton
Days 3 + 4 at ATD2015 by Dan Steer
Atd2015 Blog # 5: Decorations by Titia van der Ploeg
ATD2015 WrapUp by Jean Marrapodi

Andrea Jung Keynote
Andrea Jung Leadership Style by Advise America
What Can The Reign of Avon’s Andrea Jung Teach Us? by Sarah Browne
Andrea Jung, Former Avon CEO, to Run Microfinance Group by Joann Lubin
Andrea Jung: The Rise And Fall Of Avon’s First Lady by Roland Li
Lessons in Navigating Global Growth From the Experiences of Former Avon CEO Andrea Jung by Deborrah Himsel
2015 Power of Women to Make a Difference Luncheon: Andrea Jung video from United Way of New York City
ATD Keynote: Andrea Jung and 5 things leaders must remember today by Dan Steer
#ATD2015 Keynote: Andrea Jung by Stan Skrabut

Sugata Mitra Keynote
School in the Cloud – Sugata Mitra via TED
The Child-Driven Education via TED
Hole in the Wall
Barefoot in the Head (blog)
Beyond the Hole in the Wall: Discover the Power of Self-Organized Learning (Kindle Single) (TED Books)
Newcastle University professor Sugata Mitra has re-designed the future of learning by Ruth Lognonne
Newcastle University Professor Sugata Mitra opens final ‘school in the cloud’ by Ruth Lognonne
Sugata Mitra: Educational systems need to catch up by Kathryn Nave
“Who taught the termites civil engineering?” by Dan Steer
Sugata Mitra,”The Future of Learning” #ATD2015 Keynote by Cammy Bean
Sugata Mitra: A brave new world: how the cloud is revolutionising our learning – LT15 Conference
#ATD2015 Keynote: Sugata Mitra by Stan Skrabut

Eric Wahl Keynote
The Art of Vision
Unthink: Rediscover Your Creative Genius
Erik Wahl, The Art of Vision “MUST SEE”
Erik Wahl performing at the PHP convention in Las Vegas
The Art of Vision | Talent Connect Vegas 2013
Asked & Answered With VIBE Keynote Erik Wahl by Jack Robertiello
Erik Wahl #LSCon Mindmap by Clark Quinn
Erik Wahl paints a special tribute
#ATD2015 Keynote: Erik Wahl by Stan Skrabut
Erik Wahl Unthink #ATD2015 Storify by Karen Bowden
Rediscover Your Creative Genius by Emma Weber
Erik Wahl: Put Energy and Creativity Back Into Learning by Jeff Tillett

Session Specific Resources
Show Your Work Pinterest Board from Jane Bozarth
Creating a culture of engagement with Rick Lozano at ATD2015 by Dan Steer
My #ATD2015 session in 10 bullet points by JD Dillon
Julie Dirkson on the Science of Behaviour Change by Dan Steer
When Remembering REALLY Matters Slides by Sharon Boller
Jim Smith on letting go of your fearful boxes by Dan Steer
Exploring the Expanded Talent Development Ecosystem – Resources Shared at #ATD2015 by David Kelly
Crowdsourcing learning design with Larry Israelite by Dan Steer
Virtual Sessions Gone Bad: Tips for Troubleshooting the Virtual Classroom by Cindy Huggett
The Happiness Advantage and The Orange Frog – Dick Ruhe at ATD2015 by Dan Steer
#ATD2015 Session: Training gets a trim – Microlearning for a new workforce by Stan Skrabut
Creating a culture of engagement with Rick Lozano at ATD2015 by Dan Steer
#ATD Session: The 70-20-10 Design Approach to On-Demand Learning Using Agile by Stan Skrabut
Practical Use of Social Media in Formal Learning Slides by Dan Steer
Atd2015 Blog # 2: Great Basin. About titles that force you to come by Titia van der Ploeg
#ADT2015 Session: Make Powerful Infographics Fast by Stan Skrabut
You can make comics for learning too! by Dan Steer
#ATD2015 Session: Time Management is Dead & Get Control of Email and Outlook by Stan Skrabut
Transforming users into contributors – JD Dillon at ATD2015 by Dan Steer
# Atd2015, blog 3a: Fabulous videos by Titia van der Ploeg
# Atd2015 blog 3b: Faster Videos by Titia van der Ploeg
#ATD2015 Session: Write Activities to make boring lectures disappear by Stan Skrabut
Step-by-step guide to making infographics by Dan Steer
Atd2015 Blog # 4: Micro-learning and a gift by Titia van der Ploeg
#ATD2015 Session: How to make video for learning that’s Fabulous, Fast, and Affordable by Stan Skrabut
Bringing context to your (e)learning by Dan Steer
# Atd2015 Blog 3 c: Affordable Videos by Titia van der Ploeg
#ATD2015 Session: Building a Successful L&D Practice: What does it take? by Stan Skrabut
#ATD2015 Keynote Openers by Stan Skrabut
#ATD2015 Sessions: Hardwiring Accountability into the Workplace by Stan Skrabut
#ATD2015 Session: Engaging Activities for Live Online Meetings, Webinars, and Virtual Training by Stan Skrabut
#ATD2015 Session: Want better classroom Enagement? Stop Talking! by Stan Skrabut
#atd2015: Writing Blogs, Articles, and Books to Boost Your Career – Cathy Fyock by Stan Skrabut
#ATD2015: Blended Learning Certificate by Stan Skrabut

What Not To Post on Social Media: 5 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before You Publish by Olsy Sorokina
5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Flipped My Class YouTube video from GoEd Online
The no-mind of creativity by Dan Steer
Stop Reading and Start Learning: How to Absorb Information Better by Kevin Daum
Learn to See Yourself as You Are, Not as You Were video from Marshall Goldsmith
Ideas Are Scary – GE Commercial
A Learning Secret: Don’t Take Notes with a Laptop by Cindi May
The Looming Leadership Gap by Ed Cohen
Piano stairs
Howard Gardner: ‘Multiple intelligences’ are not ‘learning styles’ by Valerie Strauss
The Knowing-Doing Gap In Online Training by Christopher Pappas
Learning, Talent, and Leadership Development: Evolution or Revolution? by Annie McKee
Leadership Moment for FC Barcelona’s Messi by Michael Lee Stallard
Making Memories Stick by R. Douglas Fields
Changing Education Paradigms TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson
7 Reasons To Hire Professional Actors For Your eLearning Videos by Johannes Proell
Simon Sinek – Why Leaders Eat Last YouTube Video
5 Ways to Stop Training Content Overload by Steven Boller
5 Tips for Keeping Your Day Job While Launching Your Own Business by John Rampton
Khan Academy Talent Search
4 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement in Corporate Education by Adam Kirby
70:20:10 – beyond the numbers by Charles Jennings
How a Radical New Teaching Method Could Unleash a Generation of Geniuses by Joshua Davis
Growing Our Jedi by Rex Castle
To SoMe or not to SoMe? by Bart Pollentier
10 Steps to Creating the Perfect Educational Twitter Account by Craig Kemp
Nuts and Bolts: Causing Serendipity by Jane Bozarth
When to Forget the Rearview Mirror by Matt Chase
No Laughing Matter…How Improv Improves Business by Lisa Colantuono
Five Ways To Fail In Times Of Change by Jones Loflin
Learning Engagement: 4 Laws of Attraction by Gordon Johnson
Brand Aid: Makeovers That Kick It Up a Notch by Virginia Sole-Smith
HRD’s untold story by Evert Pruis
Becoming a Better eLearning Designer: 4 Areas to Focus On #ATD2015 by Cammy Bean

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I will be adding to this list as I continue to review the backchannel transcripts and find resources. I will tweet updates occasionally as additional links are added. If you know of a valued resource I should add to the list – or if something is inaccurate – please add it to the comments or tweet me a link to @LnDDave.

If you find these collections of value, I have posts that consolidate the backchannel resources from other conferences. An archive of all of these posts can be accessed by clicking the link below:

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