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Your Most Powerful Search Engine is Your Personal Learning Network (PLN)

The use of search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing for research is commonplace in today’s online world. In fact, many of us go to these sites instantly when the need to find something first arises, be it something as trivial as finding out when a movie is playing, or as part of a multi-million dollar […]

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What Can BlockBuster Video Teach Us About Learning & Performance?

True story: When I was a teenager my first job was at Blockbuster Video.  It was a great job for a 15 year old.  I got to watch all the movies I wanted, and people thought I was cool because I could hold new releases for them.  It was the type of job that an immature 15 […]

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Social Vs Formal Learning, From a Certain Point of View…

In the Star Wars film, Return of the Jedi, there is a classic scene in which Luke Skywalker asks Obi-Wan Kenobi why he told him that Darth Vader killed his father, when in fact Darth Vader was in fact, Luke’s father.  Obi-Wan does some verbal tap-dancing to get himself out of what was – in […]

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Social media has NOT changed how people learn forever… not yet anyway.

Last week’s #lrnchat was about social media and how it has changed the world forever.  That’s very true.  However the first question of the chat keeps coming back to me: Social media has changed how people learn forever.  What else has it changed forever? It’s the baseline statement that starts the question that I have […]

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What’s a Twitter Chat?

A number of my blog posts are reflections of twitter chats, such as #lrnchat and #realwplearn chat.  As vibrant a community these chats represent, I sometimes forget that the participants in these chats represent a very small percentage of the overall community of Learning and Development Professionals. At a recent ASTD Chapter meeting, I was […]

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