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Blogging: Why did I wait so long?

It was October 7th 2010.  I was sitting at home, in front of my computer, about to click the ‘CREATE ACCOUNT’ button on Blogger.com, and found myself hesitating. Earlier in the week, during a discussion about blogging in the weekly #lrnchat chat on Twitter, I had publicly stated “That’s it, I’m going to start my […]

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What’s your Personal Social Media Strategy?

Last week I participated in a webcast featuring Jay Cross (@jaycross).  During the chat, Jay told the story of two Army Generals who got together for drinks daily and discussed the stories of their day.  At one point, they realized that others would benefit from hearing their stories as well, and a blog was born.  […]

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DevLearn10 Learning Resources: Collected

In a previous posting I discussed way to learn from the DevLearn10 conference via the backchannel. I shared a couple of approaches that work for me, but I forgot one very important technique that can be very effective: Let someone else do the work for you! In the spirit of that technique, here are some […]

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Reflections on #lrnchat: What is Holding Us Back as an Industry?

Each week that I am able to participate in #lrnchat discussion I post a summary of the discussion to my blog. I do this both for my personal development as well as sharing with the Learning and Development Profession at large. This summary is based on my own interpretations of the chat; others who participated […]

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Tools for BackChannel Learning: DevLearn10

Last month I wrote a post about extracting learning from a conference you are not attending. In it I explored a number of ways that non-attendees can learn a great deal, even without attending a conference. This week, I put much of those theories to practice, following the backchannel for the DevLearn10 conference. This blog […]

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