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Learning Now Radio EPISODE #1 – David Kelly on Devlearn & Neuroscience Blog (Learning Now Radio, 10/2015)


TWIST Conversation: Sarah Gilbert on Using Adobe Captivate 8 for Mobile Learning (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 5/29/2014)

TWIST Conversations: Jim Ferolo and Chad Udell on UI and UX (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 5/23/2014)

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TWIST Conversations: Julian Stodd on Learning in the Social Age (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 5/7/2014)

The Importance of “Mobile” in Learning (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 4/21/2014)

Setting the Stage for Maximum Learning (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 4/21/2014)

Three Unexpected Reasons to Submit a Speaking Proposal (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 4/17/2014)

The Power of Peer-Based Learning (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 4/14/2014)

Tips for Writing a Winning Conference Proposal (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 4/10/2014)

The Expanding Definition of “Mobile” (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 4/7/2014)

No More Paper! Completing Session Evals via the #LSCon App – #EcoCon (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 3/17/2014)

How a Docent Can Enhance Your Conference Experience – #LSCon (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 3/13/2014)

How to Participate in a Conference Backchannel #LSCon EcoCon (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 3/12/2014)

What Exactly IS a Backchannel? #LSCon #EcoCon (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 3/11/2014)

Game Crawl: Explore the Power of Learning via Play (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 2/25/2014)

What Does facebook’s SocialEDU have to do with Organizational Learning? (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 2/25/2014)

What’s in Your Conference Bag? A New TWIST Blog Series (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 2/19/2014)

Connections: A Critical Conference Takeaway (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 1/13/2014)

What Does “Redefining Training” Really Mean? (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 1/6/2014)


Where is Mobile Learning Headed? (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 12/3/2013)

Which Technologies are Changing the Way People Learn? (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 12/3/2013)

Are You Creating an Environment in Which Learning Can Thrive? (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 12/2/2013)

What is a Learning Ecosystem? (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 11/5/2013)

Enhancing Professional Development for You and Your Team (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 11/5/2013)

How is Technology Redefining Training? (TWIST, The eLearning Guild Blog, 11/5/2013)

Book Review: Learning Articulate Storyline by Stephanie Harnett (Learning Solutions Magazine, 10/9/2013)

DevLearn Conference & Expo: How To Keep Your Eye on What’s Next (Learning Solutions Magazine, 9/16/2013)

Getting Started with Video Training: 3 Best (and Worst) Practices (Cornerstone Blog, 3/13/3013)

Should Instructional Designers care about the Tin Can API? (eLearn Magazine, 3/2013)

2013 ASTD TechKnowledge Recap (eLearn Magazine, 2/2013)

Curating to Enhance Organizational Learning (T+D Magazine, 2/8/2013)


Selecting a Digital Curation Tool (Learning Solutions Magazine, 12/3/2012)

TechKnowledge Tips (The ASTD TechKnowledge Blog, 11/15/2012)

The King of the L & D Backchannel, David Kelly (Interview on L&D Global Events, 11/13/2012)

Is Content Curation in Your Skill Set? It Should Be. (Learning Solutions Magazine, 10/29/2012)

Backchannels – How to Make the Most of a Conference (Chat2Lrn Blog, 8/23/2012)

What the Horrible Video Game E.T. Can Teach Us About Training (The Mindflash Blog, 6/21/2012)

Jane Hart in conversation with David Kelly (YouTube Video from Social Learning Centre)

How Trainers Can Manage Their Social Media ‘Brand’ (The Mindflash Blog, 6/14/2012)

Three Things Trainers Need to Know About Project Management (The Mindflash Blog, 6/8/2012)

Four Ways to Create the Right ‘Fun Factor’ in Employee Training (The Mindflash Blog, 6/1/2012)

How Trainers Are Holding Themselves Back (The Mindflash Blog, 6/1/2012)

“Insert Beer Name Here” (The ToolBar Podcast, 5/31/2012)

An Inside Look at ASTD’s 2012 International Conference and Exposition (eLearn Mag, May 2012)

What the Demise of Draw Something Should Teach Trainers (The Mindflash Blog, 5/17/2012)

Should We Change The Language of Training? (The Mindflash Blog, 5/10/2012)

How to Learn from a Conference You Aren’t Attending (The Mindflash Blog, 5/3/2012)

How to Save ‘Social Learning’ Before We Destroy It (The Mindflash Blog, 4/26/12)

How a One-Person Training Department Can Still Achieve Big Results (The Mindflash Blog, 4/19/2012)

What Angry Birds Can Teach Us About Instructional Design (The Mindflash Blog, 4/13/2012)

Why We Should Stop Talking About ROI in Training (The Mindflash Blog, 4/4/2012)

Formal Training Vs. Informal Learning: Which Makes More Sense? (The Mindflash Blog, 3/28/2012)

Computers, Learning Professionals, and their Roles in Curation (ASTD Learning Circuits, 3/27/2012)

Curation: A Core Competency for Learning Professionals (ASTD Learning Circuits, 3/20/2012)

Why Blended Learning Is Really Just Blended Training (The Mindflash Blog, 3/20/2012)

Three Essential Tips for New Online Training Designers (The Mindflash Blog, 3/13/2012)

Filtering: A Challenge and Responsibility for Learning Professionals (ASTD Learning Circuits, 3/13/2012)

Using Twitter as a Professional Development Tool (ASTD Learning Circuits, 3/6/2012)

Why People Hate Training, and How to Overcome It (The Mindflash Blog, 3/6/2012)

How Big Data Will Reshape eLearning — and the Future of Work (The Mindflash Blog, 2/21/2012)

Who Trains the Trainers? (The Mindflash Blog, 2/13/2012)


Reflection: A Critical Piece of the #DevLearn Conference Experience (eLearning Guild, November 2011)

Connect Face-to-Face or Virtually During #Lrnchat LIVE at #DevLearn (eLearning Guild, November 2011)

#DevLearn 2011 Backchannel: Collected Resources (eLearning Guild, November 2011)

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What Exactly IS a Backchannel? (eLearning Guild, November 2011)

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