What’s Really Happening with Virtual Reality? – Resources Shared at #LT17UK

On February 1st, I had the privilege of leading a session at the Learning Technologies Conference and Expo titled What’s Really Happening with Virtual Reality?. This blog post is being set up a follow-up resource for those that attended the session. It may also serve as a resource for anyone that wants to learn more about curation and learning.

Session Slides

Specific Session Resources
The Emergence of VR and AR – What does it Mean? by David Kelly
Four major types of virtual reality by David Burden
Virtual reality looks to its adolescence by Lucas Matney
Oculus’ Vurtual Reality Film Henry Just Won an Emmy by Angela Watercutter
3 Ways Med Students Can Use Virtual Reality by Meghan Bogardus Cortez
PSVR vs. HTC Vive vs. Oculus Rift vs. Gear VR: Which VR headset should you buy? by Mark Walton
Oh my god, a Lawnmower Man VR series is actually happening by Adi Robertson
Can VR Really Make You More Empathetic? by Sarah Zhang
This Wild Picture of Obama Wearing a VR Headset Explains Everything by Ian Bogost
Will Virtual Reality Solve Your Real-world Problem? by Lisa Minogue-White

VR Hardware Websites
Playstation VR
Oculus Rift
HTC Vive
Samsung Gear
Google Cardboard
Google Daydream

VR Examples
Google Street View (iTunes)
Jaunt VR (iTunes)
New York Times VR (iTunes)
Orbulus (iTunes)
Vrse (iTunes)
Virtual Reality Moon (iTunes)
YouTube’s 360 Channel (all devices and hardware)
The Climb (Link for Oculus, but available on other platforms)
Woofbert VR

Additional Resources
Watch any YouTube video in VR mode by Rick Broida
AR, VR, and Enhanced Realities: Seven Perspectives on the Potential and Risks for Learning
Oculus Story Studio founder says VR storytellers are reaching too far by Charlie Hall
Watch these 90-year-old globe-trotters travel the world through virtual reality by Jon Comulada
This is the year virtual reality changes everything by David Cornish
The 7 best VR apps for iPhone by Rick Broida

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