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Play to Learn: Where Games and Learning Meet

I’ve been interested in games and learning long before I became aware of and fascinated by the concept of “games and learning”. As a kid growing up, I loved games in just about all forms – video, board, or anything else. In truth, my interest in games was both an asset and a liability socially […]

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Games & Learning: Pokemon Go

I’ve been planning to write a series of blog posts centered on games I play, sharing my thoughts from both a gaming and learning perspective. I have a host of games I’d like to write about in the queue, but haven’t allocated the time to get started writing about them yet. This weekend seems like […]

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What’s Next for Learning, Technology, and Our Profession – Resources Shared at #ICELW

On June 15, I had the pleasure of delivering an invited talk at the International Conference on E-Learning in the Workplace exploring the evolving world of the learning professional. The title of my session was What’s Next for Learning, Technology, and Our Profession. This blog post is being set up primarily as a follow-up resource for those that attended the […]

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Come Say Hi During an Exciting Week in Orlando #LSCon #EcoCon

I just came back inside from walking my dog. It’s 24 degrees Fahrenheit outside, and WINDY. It was a highly unpleasant experience, but I got through it by repeating a warm mantra to myself. “Orlando in 5 days…. Orlando in 5 days…” In truth, the warmth is a secondary reason for me to be looking […]

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Exploring the Trends that Shape the Future of Learning

The world of the learning and performance professional is rapidly evolving. Many of the “tried and true” methods of supporting worker performance are being challenged (or in some cases completely re-written) by new technology-based learning and performance solutions. It’s an exciting time to be in our field and participate in this period of change. There’s […]

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