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The Impact of Wearable Tech on Performance Support – Resources Shared at #PSS14

On September 8th, I had the pleasure of speaking at the Performance Support Symposium in Boston. I led a discussion titled The Impact of Wearable Technology on Performance Support. Here’s a description of the session: Technological advances disrupt the status quo. We’ve seen this happen a number of times in the way we address learning and […]

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How Performance Support Could have Changed #StarWars

It’s May 4th, and I’m a big Star Wars fan, so *obviously* that means it’s time for a “What can we learn about Learning from Star Wars?” post. Here’s the thing about Star Wars. The Empire should have won the war. Without question, the rebels should have lost and the reign of terror led by […]

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Performance Support Symposium Backchannel: Curated Resources #PSS12

I am a huge proponent of backchannel learning. There are many conferences people can choose to attend, but most budgets can only accommodate one or two each year. The backchannel is an excellent resource for learning from a conference or event that you are unable to attend in-person. I find collecting and reviewing backchannel resources […]

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What Can BlockBuster Video Teach Us About Learning & Performance?

True story: When I was a teenager my first job was at Blockbuster Video.  It was a great job for a 15 year old.  I got to watch all the movies I wanted, and people thought I was cool because I could hold new releases for them.  It was the type of job that an immature 15 […]

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Social Vs Formal Learning, From a Certain Point of View…

In the Star Wars film, Return of the Jedi, there is a classic scene in which Luke Skywalker asks Obi-Wan Kenobi why he told him that Darth Vader killed his father, when in fact Darth Vader was in fact, Luke’s father.  Obi-Wan does some verbal tap-dancing to get himself out of what was – in […]

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