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Five Reasons #GoogleGlass is a Success

Google Glass is a failure. That’s the theme that’s been fairly consistent across news reports ever since Google announced that it was shutting down it’s Explorer program effective January 19th. No new devices would be issued, and any possibility of a full consumer release of the technology was removed. In short, most of the press reports have […]

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Video: #GoogleGlass – The Experience, the Reaction, the Possibilities

Last month I had the pleasure of speaking at the Learning Technologies Conference and Expo in London. The topic of my session was Google Glass, specifically exploring what the experience of wearing Glass is like, how others react to Glass, and most importantly, what the potential use cases are for learning and performance support. A […]

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#GoogleGlass at #DisneyWorld – An Example of Contextual Awareness

Last month I spent some time on vacation with my family in Walt Disney World. I spent most of the week wearing my Google Glass. Wearing Glass is still not a completely natural part of my normal daily routine. Don’t get me wrong; as I’ve written in other posts, wearing Glass is feels completely natural […]

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Exploring #GoogleGlass: Speaking at a Conference with Google Glass

Last week I spoke at an industry event. I speak at a number of industry events, but this time was a little different. This was the first time I actively used Google Glass during my presentation. For those not that familiar with it, Google Glass is essentially a head-mounted computer device. While it can process […]

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Exploring #GoogleGlass: The Device and it’s Functionality

Last week I was able to get early access to Google Glass, one of the most intriguing pieces of technology ever developed. It’s one of the first pieces of technology that fall into the ‘wearable tech’ category, and the first (or at least the highest profile) to be worn like a standard pair of glasses. […]

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