July / August Recap: Links, Posts, and More

There’s so much sharing going on today that I sometime find myself missing out on a bookmark or forgetting where I read something or why I found it valuable.  I’ve decided to add another regular post to my blog that captures some of the readings I have found most valuable during the month, as well as why I found it interesting.  In addition, I’m also archiving a few tweets that resonated with me, and a listing of my writing for the month.

Tweets of Note:

“School” is most of what’s wrong with training today. – @janebozarth

There’s nothing wrong with instruction when instruction is needed. Except it too often isn’t. – @pattishank


I am a Learner
In this blog post, John Connell eloquently explores how individuals learn, and why that conflicts directly with the concept of ‘teaching’. 

The Debate Over Informal Learning
I always find I learn more about something when I look at it from all angles.  In this post, Jay Cross shares his experience and some video highlights from an elearning debate at Oxford over whether Informal Learning is more style or substance.  Substance won the debate 5:1, with the understanding that current corporate behaviors make the issue extremely debatable.

Think You’re An Auditory Or Visual Learner? Scientists Say It’s Unlikely
In this NPR article by Patti Neighmond, scientific evidence is used to challenge the concept of learning styles, and whether teachers should be using them to target their efforts.

On Education, Badges, and Scouting
The possible application of ‘badges’ for educational usage is a growing discussion.  In this blog post, Aaron Silvers further explores badges for education, using the existing badge model from the Boy Scouts of America as an example.

Time for You to Go
In this article for Fast Company, Marcia Conner explores the need for people to recognize when it’s time to let something go.  Change is never easy, but sometimes we need to let something go in order to allow something else to grow.

My Blog Posts and Articles:

Reflections on #Lrnchat: What if HR was solely focused on human resources?
In this reflection #lrnchat twitter chat, I explore how Human Resources might be different if it were able to lose some of the legal and administrative baggage it has accumulated over the past few decades.

#140EDU Conference 2011 Backchannel – Collected Resources
This blog post collects the resources shared at the first #140EDU Conference held in NYC in August 2011.

What Can BlockBuster Video Teach Us About Learning & Performance?
Blockbuster Video is a company that collapsed because it failed to respond to the changes that were going on around it.  This post compares the Blockbuster story with current trends in the Learning and Performance field.

Backchannel Learning in an Organizational Setting
Backchannels are often discussed in the context of academic classrooms.  In this article for eLearn Magazine, I explore the usage of backchannels in an organizational setting, and share how it can be used as part of a Learning and Performance program.