Mapdeck: A New Way of Bringing the #LSCon Experience Back Home

Attendees of eLearning Guild Conferences can always count on new and innovative features that add value to your event experience, and this year’s Learning Solutions conference is no exception. One of the new features being introduced at this year’s conference is Mapdeck, a slide-sharing service from edCetra Training.

Mapdeck enables conference attendees to access PowerPoint slide presentations from sessions at Learning Solutions.  Attendees can select specific slides that can be compiled into a new deck that can be downloaded instantly.

Many attendees find themselves feverishly trying to copy information from a slide before the speaker moves on – admit it, you know you’ve done that – or taking a picture of the slide with a camera phone. Mapdeck enables you to select the slide itself, along with slides from many other conference sessions, to compile your own slide deck of lessons learned from your Learning Solutions experience.

Whenever people return from a conference, they’re usually asked “So what did you learn at the conference?”. Thanks to Mapdeck, now you can show them.

Check out the video below for more details about Mapdeck, and be sure to check it out at Learning Solutions next week.

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