Backchannel Tips: Check Out #DevLearn Hashcaster

In addition to the curated backchannel resources I will be posting on my blog, The eLearning Guild is pleased to announce the return of another option for monitoring the conference backchannel: Hashcaster.

Hashcaster is a real-time social media platform that transforms events into conversations. It constantly monitors the DevLearn backchannel feed and dynamically filters content into an easy to read format. The DevLearn Hashcaster website is always on, and available at . Be sure to bookmark the site and visit it often during the conference.

Here’s a quick synopsis of what you’ll find on the DevLearn Hashcaster site.

News, Management and Strategy, Tools and Technologies, Best Practices & Community – These sections share stories from the backchannel that apply to the assigned categories.

Latest Photos – People are always posting pictures to the backchannel. Rather than clicking on links to see a picture someone has posted, this section presents those pictures as a gallery.

Top Infuencers – These are the people whose postings are resonating well within the backchannel community.

Top Contributers – These are the people with the most postings in the backchannel feed.

Latest Tweets – The last 5 tweets from the backchannel.

Twitter Stats – This section presents interesting stats about the activity present in the backchannel.

Hashcaster is a great tool, and an interesting way to follow the DevLearn backchannel in more of a newspaper format than in the text-based, rapid-fire format of Twitter. Check it out at


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