The Learning 2014 Conference Backchannel: Curated Resources


This post curates resources shared via the backchannel of the Learning 2014 Conference, being held October 26 – 29 in Orlando, Florida.

I am a huge proponent of backchannel learning. There are many conferences I would love to be able to attend, but most people can only accommodate one or two each year. The backchannel is an excellent resource for learning from a conference or event, even if you are unable to attend in-person.

I find curating and reviewing backchannel resources to be a valuable learning experience for me, even when I am attending a conference in person. Sharing these collections on this blog has shown that others find value in the collections as well.

CaptureOfficial Learning 2014 Resources
Conference Website
Event Guide
Learning Themes at Learning 2014

Conference Recaps
Learning 2014 Reflections – Monday by Ryan Reilly
Sir Ken Robinson and rain poncho! by Marcel de Leeuwe

Session Specific Resources
How schools kill creativity TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson
Bring on the learning revolution! TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson
Changing education paradigms TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson
How to escape education’s death valley TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson
Teachable Moment on Finding Your Passion
Brain Engagement with Ann Herrmann-Nehdi by Julie Zamostny
Games and Go-Pro’s: how motorcycle racers use technology for performance improvement slides by Harrison Withers
Landfill Harmonic Amazing and Inspirational YouTube Video

Cognitive Load – How Much is Too Much? via LDCOE
Learning Tools Free or Low Cost
#FutureOfLearning 01: Competitive World – Competitive Workforce via Learnatics
#FutureOfLearning 02: The New Work Reality for Employees via Learnatics
#FutureOfLearning 03: Decentralized Decision-making via Learnatics
#FutureOfLearning 04: Shift From Push To Pull via Learnatics
Good Feelings Lead to Good Learning via LDCOE
Learning Strategy: It’s Complicated. Or Not So Much. by Ajay Pangarkar and Teresa Kirkwood
First you need to unlearn by Ram Nayyar
Designing Learning with Gagne’s 9 Events via LDCOE
How much SME time do you need? via LDCOE
How to Keep Learning and Still Have a Life by Lisa Burrell
Accelerating Learning Through Music and Art via LDCOE
Designing for Optimal Learning via LDCOE
It’s a Mistake Not to Use Mistakes as Part of the Learning Process by Dr. Richard Curwin
Strategies to Excel as a Facilitator via LDCOE
Video for Learning: Missed Potential by David Wentworth
Infographic: The Ideal Length of Everything Online, From Tweets to YouTube Videos Is your brand going on too long? By Tim Nudd
Digital natives are not automatic tech experts via LDCOE

Dedicated Backchannel Queries [Tool and search terms shown in brackets]
Access the up-to-date Learning 2014 backchannel [Twitter: #Learning2014]
Photos from the Backchannel [TwiPho: learning2014]

I will be adding to this list as I continue to review the backchannel transcripts and find resources. I will tweet updates occasionally as additional links are added. If you know of a valued resource I should add to the list – or if something is inaccurate – please add it to the comments or tweet me a link to @LnDDave.

If you find these collections of value, I have posts that consolidate the backchannel resources from other conferences. An archive of all of these posts can be accessed by clicking the link below:

Click here to access the archive of backchannel resource posts.

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