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#LearningStyles ‘Awareness’ Day: Collected Resources

March 1st, 2012 was unofficially set as Learning Styles ‘Awareness’ Day. This day was organized with the intent of sharing research and information about what Learning Styles are, and more importantly are not, and how they are being out into practice. There are a number of practitioners who apply learning styles theories in ways that […]

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My #LearningStyles Awakening

Let’s get this out of the way quickly. I don’t believe there’s value in designing learning experiences to cater to individual learning styles. Please keep reading anyway, especially if you disagree with that statement. This post is less about my conclusion and more about the journey I took to reach it. I’ve heard about learning […]

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More information about #LearningStyles ‘Awareness’ Day

Last week I wrote a post entitled “#LearningStyles ‘Awareness’ Day – March 1st, 2012“. Since then, I’ve received an influx of inquiries and activity related to the post. There were a couple of common questions – especially about how to participate – so I am providing this post to add some clarity to the day. […]

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#LearningStyles ‘Awareness Day’ – March 1st, 2012

Learning Styles. The very utterance of those two words is often enough to set off a debate among learning professionals.  Many will attack it fully as a myth and something that needs to be removed from the vocabulary of those in the field.  Others see merit in the concept and enjoy applying it in their […]

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Developing Personal Learning Networks – Resources

People are not learning exclusively from conventional sources like courses and classrooms. In truth we never did, but there’s a growing awareness of the small percentage of learning that comes from formal means as compared to informal means. Learning is happening all the time in a multitude of different ways. More and more people are […]

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